Officiating with NH Roller Derby

This site is specific to officiating opportunities with NH Roller Derby.

Please visit for league information, public event details, and more.

COVID-19 Impact on NH Roller Derby

NH Roller Derby is currently on hiatus from all face-to-face activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The league is still planning to host all home games as scheduled below, but is also listening to the CDC and other government agencies for further directives. People who have expressed interest in officiating will be notified by email and this site will be updated to reflect any changes to the schedule.

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Why You Should Officiate NHRD Games

New Hampshire Roller Derby treats Officials right and we enjoy that our scrimmages and games attract Referees and Non-Skating Officials of all experience levels.

We make every effort to exceed the expectations of every Official throughout the day. On game days, we invite staffed Officials to bring a spectator-friend and offer stipends to visiting Officials not affiliated with one of the participating teams. Arguably, the JFK is also one of the best, if not the best, venue in the region for derby—polished concrete floor, bright lighting, good acoustics, and plenty of space.

If you've never officiated one of our games, you really should. And if you have previously officiated for NHRD, we'd love to have you back!

2020 Home Games

NHRD home game dates are below.

Games played at JFK Memorial Coliseum

  • April 18 (Canceled)
    • vs. BSB (B Team) - Regulation
    • vs. BSB (C Team) - Regulation
  • June 27
  • July 11
    • vs. JSRD - Sanctioned
    • vs. KVRD - Regulation
  • August 8
    • vs. CTRD (C Team) - Regulation
    • vs. AFA - Regulation

2020 Scrimmages

NHRD is hosting interleague scrimmages on the dates below.

Scrimmages played at Breakaway Hockey Dek

Note: All interested Officials are encouraged to fill out our officiating forms, regardless of experience or league affiliation.

Our goal is to notify (by email) everyone of staffing decisions four weeks and officiating roles two weeks prior to the scrimmage or game.
—— We value privacy ——

How TO Join NHRD's Officiating Crew

Whether you are brand new or have years of experience officiating roller derby, we invite you to become a member of the New Hampshire Roller Derby Officiating Crew. We keep the light on for new Skating and Non-Skating Officials. Please visit the "Officiate Roller Derby" page on our primary website for requirements and more details.

Do you want to learn more?

Questions? Contact NHRD's Head Officials:

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