Standards & Policies

All visiting Officials are expected to abide by the policies, procedures, rules, and standards established by New Hampshire Roller Derby (NHRD) the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). Links to the applicable documents are found on this page.

Note: "Game" refers to any game type or scrimmage.

Please contact NHRD's Head Officials with questions:

WFTDA Documents

The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby . All regulation and sanctioned games hosted by NHRD follow the most current rules. Most "other" games follow the rules, as well, and any exceptions to that will be shared by the game's Head Officials with the captains and coaches of both teams and all Officials prior to the game starting whistle.

WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines . We abide by the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines and expect visiting Officials to follow our lead.

WFTDA Officiating Uniform Policy . Unless otherwise indicated upon game staffing, all Officials are required to wear uniforms that comply with this policy.

WFTDA Officiating Procedures . It's expected that all Officials know and follow the procedures appropriate to their roles, not to exclude the following:

Visiting Officials are always required to sign the WFTDA Event Waiver upon arriving at the venue.

Conduct Policy

NHRD expects all Officials to act in a manner that aligns with the league's Conduct Policy. The revised policy below only includes expectations specific to Officials, regardless of league affiliation.

Roller derby boosts mental, physical, and social fitness by empowering participants to do good for themselves, each other, and their communities. Members of the officiating community are role models, leading by example at all times.

Good Sportsmanship

  • We are humble and gracious
  • We give everyone a fair and equitable chance to pursue victory
  • We know, teach, and adhere to the rules


  • We value and demonstrate appreciation for every person in the roller derby community, regardless of role or experience
  • We do not insult or otherwise intentionally cause harm to others
  • We safeguard sensitive information


  • We love this sport
  • We challenge ourselves
  • We do this because it’s fun


  • We take great physical and mental care of ourselves
  • We help each other stay positive and focused
  • We recognize the full value of constructive criticism


  • We employ goals to reach the next level
  • We strive for more than the minimum
  • We do not harshly criticize ourselves

Cardinal Rules

  • We do not engage in physical fights when representing the officiating community in any capacity
  • We do not participate in roller derby events while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and refrain from consuming non-prescription drugs or alcohol 12 hours before any roller derby event in which we are participating
  • We do not use physical restraint (manual, mechanical, or chemical) against another person
  • We do not act in a manner that is unsafe, enraged, nor retaliatory

Alcohol Sales

Failure to adhere to the following requirements can result in the incarceration of the offender. At the very least, not following these requirements will result in event dismissal of the offender.

  • Officials are prohibited from consuming alcohol until after the completion of their final responsibility of the event
  • Only people ages 21 and over are allowed to purchase or consume alcohol

Additional Policies

Anti-Harassment Policy
Anti-Discrimination Policy